Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My friend will fly forever

Last year I got to know Gregg Melde enough to know I would count him as a good friend forever. Forever in my thoughts; I will think of him every time I look up at the sky, at the white billowy clouds where we once flew. He loved flying and we went often. He showed me the Olympic Mountain Range, seeing it as though from the eye of an eagle soaring through clear blue sky. It will be forever that Connie and I think of Gregg as he shared with us his passion. His passing leaves a hole in our hearts, but he will live forever in our minds.
        Soar free from the bonds of this earth good friend.


Katlyn Roney said...

Thank you so much for this. I am Gregg's oldest granddaughter and I am very pleased to hear he touched other peoples lives as much has he has touched mine. He sure did love flying, in fact I can tell you that a lot of my memories with him include soaring high up in the clouds where he lays today. We love you Grandpa and miss you terribly but will keep you in our hearts forever. May you fly in peace <3

Rick said...

A great tribute from a good friend.

I read about the passing of Gregg Melde on Bill's G+ page.